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Preorder : Satin Pillow Cases

Preorder : Satin Pillow Cases

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Have you ever wanted to try out a Satin pillowcase, but didn't know the benefits of it, or couldn't justify the pricing of a silk pillowcase?

We have some facts that might help make your mind up!
Satin is soft, so it won't pull at your skin or hair, which means it's better for you compared to a cotton pillowcase. It can help prevent the formation of wrinkles and reduce the breakage and/or fizz of your hair, as it reduces the friction between the hair fibers and the pillowcase or surface. Satin also provides the same benefits as silk: It is hypoallergenic, less absorbent, and breathable.
Pillowcases can come personalised with HTV or Plain, entirely up to you!


Standard Pillow Pillowcase:

- 2 Pillow Case pack

- Size 75cm x 50cm

Body Pillow Pillowcase:

- 1pc pack

- Size 137cm x 51cm


Set to arrive to me, a week after our preorder closes!

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